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Auto Messages are campaigns that get delivered automatically based on a trigger event. Some of the most common examples of an auto message are welcome emails, drip campaigns, abandoned cart reminders, etc. Essentially, they're planned ways for a computer to schedule and send messages. 

Creating a new Auto Message is easy. The first step is to navigate to your Tools tab and select the Auto Messages option. From there you'll use the New Auto Message button and selecting either Scheduled or Immediate.

Usage Example

Scheduled is delivered once a day at a time specified and immediate is delivered shortly after a recipient is added to a list. After clicking selecting immediate or scheduled you will be brought to a section where you will be selecting the message you want to send automatically. Once the message is selected you will be taken to the schedule page for Auto Messages.

Options required include the List you're sending to and the Trigger you're using. For an immediate auto message the trigger is already populated and cannot be modified. With a Scheduled auto message the Trigger will default to 1 day at the current time, which can be changed as per your desire. Once you've selected all the options you want included for your message simple click on the Save button.


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