DKIM Record Installation


DKIM signing is on by default in ReachMail. All messages with sign with DKIM Keys automatically. Customers can request DKIM signing for their own domain at no extra charge. 

To do so:

  1. Setup a DKIM signature
    • Add CNAME record to k1._domainkey with a value:
    • The final result is a DKIM record installed at: has CNAME record with value:
  2. Contact to let us know which domain you have used.

Customers that implement DKIM signatures on their DNS must contact for custom key signing to be enabled on their account.

It is also recommended that customers implement an SPF record along with DKIM signing for best results. 

** Easy-SMTP/Email Relay users (SMTP/HTTP connections) must add the X-DKIM-HEADER to their message payloads in order to sign with the correct DKIM key. Please see here for more information. 


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