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Your mailing score is generated by considering several factors from recent campaign stats including hard bounces, soft bounces, spam reports, open rates, etc. Your mailing score can be used as a gauge of your recent sending reputation and how well a campaign performed.

We use industry standard metrics for our measurements so you get a feel for how your future mailings will perform once sent out of ReachMail. Here are the important thresholds to keep in mind:

Hard Bounce Rate < 1%
Spam Complaint Rate < 0.1% (1 in 1,000)
Soft Bounce Rate < 5%

The thresholds are used by the email industry at large for deciding delivery and placement of your messages.

Depending on what caused your low score, there are different options for you to pursue.

If you have a high number of spam complaints, we generally recommend deactivating older subscribers from your lists. Depending on the age of your list, you may be able to initiate a re-engagement campaign on your older recipients. This process involves sending a message to your recipients asking if they still wish to receive your communications. We can help you set up, and track the recipients that respond positively.

Additionally, since complaints are often a result of poor perception of a mailing, consider reassessing your mailing content to make sure it’s in line with what your subscribers signed up for.

If your mailing score shows a high number of hard bounces however, there are some other steps worth looking into. If your list is older, deactivating the older recipients using our List Engagement Scanner is likely a good place to start. If this is a brand new list, perhaps a list cleaning is more appropriate. Finally, if your list is being generated through a single opt-in sign up form, the fix is generally to migrate to a double opt-in form, where the prospective recipient receives an email with a link they must click in order to activate their subscription to your list.

We realize that everyone’s case is unique. You may not find the answer you are looking in the aforementioned fixes. If so, or if you would simply prefer to go over the next best step with one our delivery experts on the support team, please feel free to email or call us.

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