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The Engagement Scanner allows you to scan your list or lists for recent recipient activity. The focus is on a quick way for senders to deactivate zombie addresses or non-responders that are detrimental to your delivery. The importance of which is detailed here.

The feature works by looking back at the history of your campaigns to a given list or lists and identifies the recipients that have not opened or clicked on any messages over the adjustable period. The date range defaults to 90 days.

First - click on the Lists tab, then hover over the List Tools tab, and then select Engagement Scanner. Next, select the list or lists you want to remove the disengaged addresses from. This can be accomplished by just clicking on the list or lists you want. You can additionally use the filter options to select multiple lists across different folders or make finding the list you want easier.


Once you have your lists selected you will be able to see the total disengaged of the active recipients. You can then change the amount of days, select the amount of records you want to remove, or keep them at their default values.



Now that all of the values are selected you will be able to select your action. You can choose from Remove (Remove disengaged records from the list or lists), Opt Out (Move disengaged records to account suppression list), Existing List (Move disengaged records to existing list), or New List (Move disengaged records to new list).



Double check to ensure all your selections are correct, there is no way to undo removing records once you've finished. After double checking, just click on the Process button to run the Zombie Removal Tool.

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