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Thinking about getting a list cleaned? We parter with a company called Fresh Address for all list cleanings. Our studies have shown that they are the most accurate of the many we've investigated. While still not perfect, the results speak for themselves. Here's a few handy tips to keep in mind before proceeding with any list cleaning.

  1. No list cleaning service works perfectly. List cleaning is a inherently fault prone process. Any service that guarantees 100% accuracy is unlikely to be able to keep that promise. We stay with Fresh Address because their system relies in part on a 2 billion+ database of known invalid and dangerous email addresses.
  2. Many list cleaning services rely solely on the "pinging" of addresses. Basically you connect to the mail server and ask is the user exists. The problem is that many mail servers are deliberately set up to return false positives to these queries. Addresses which respond in the nature are often referred to as catchalls. Mail servers use the number of invalid emails sent to them from you as a way to gauge your message quality and decide where to place your message (inbox, spam folder, quarantine, rejected as a Soft Bounce). Why, then, would any mail serve give away it's secrets. If list cleaning worked perfectly, every spammer in the world would do it and there would no way to catch the bad senders in the act.
  3. Consumer domain lists (gmail, yahoo, aol, etc) tend to yield more accurate results from list cleanings than private domains. If you are sending B2B, it may prove more difficult in some cases, but a list cleaning can still be extremely beneficial.
  4. List cleaning will only address invalid address problems in your lists. If your issue is complaints and low recipient engagement, list cleaning will not help.
  5. If your hard bounce rate is above 10%, a list cleaning is not likely to help enough to yield a usable list once finished.
  6. If possible, manage your lists by date of subscription/last interaction when you can. The more you can do with your own data, the better off you will be. Start with the most recent year of signups and go from there. Invalid addresses tend to come most often from recipients who signed up a while back and have changed jobs or have abandoned an old email account. 

Please contact for a specific price quote for your list cleaning if/when interested. List cleanings can be processed directly from your ReachMail account on request.

List cleanings are not guaranteed to return a usable list for delivery in ReachMail.

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