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Creating an opt in form is easy in ReachMail. Go to your Tools tab and select the Subscription Forms option. From there you can click on the Add Form button to start creating a new sign up form. First fill out the Form Name and then select the Opt-In Type. A Unconfirmed Opt-In means the recipient's address is immediately added to the list and does not go through a confirmation to see if it is a legitimate address. A Confirmed Opt-In will send a confirmation email to the recipient who needs to confirm their email address before being added to the list. Selecting the Confirmed Opt-In option will allow you to also specify the From Email Address for the confirmation email that goes out to individuals. Once you have both of those entered you can click on Continue. 




The next step will ask you to select the list you would like the form to populate. You can select a pre-existing list or use the new list button to create a new list for this purpose. When the list is selected you can click on the Continue button. 




Form Field Selection will be the next page you will be progressed to. On this page you can select the fields you would like a recipient to fill out, what fields are required, and the order in which the fields are displayed. It is important to keep in mind that the Available Form Fields will be populated off the fields that are available on the list you selected in the previous step. If you have all the fields in place you can click the Continue option below.




On the next page you will select if you want to receive Notification Emails. This allows you to be notified when someone signs up, you can choose to receive these Immediately or as a Daily Summary. When the Email Address is entered and the Notification Interval is set you can click Add Notification Email to complete the notification process. You can additionally add more emails to receive notifications on this page as well. When everything is complete the Continue option can be selected.




The new page you will be directed to will be for setting up confirmation and welcome preferences. If you have a Confirmed form selected this is where you can additionally Next Steps URL and can Choose Confirmation Email. The Welcome URL will be an option available to both Confirmed and Unconfirmed forms. When this information has been fully entered please click on the Continue button.




The last page in the process will simply allow you to Review and Confirm the sign up form. It will give you a breakdown of all the steps and you can easily go back and change anything that may seem off. If this page looks complete to you can click the Submit option.




After selecting Submit you will be taken to the Subscription Form Contents page. This will give you three ways you can add your form to your website. The basic method where you put a link on your site and we handle everything else, the WordPress method where you install the ReachMail Subscription Form plugin on your WordPress powered website, and the advanced method where you can host the form and have your designers style it any way you want. Additionally you can use the Test The Form button to insure that the sign up form is working to your expectations. There are also some Custom Options that can be enabled to Redirect on Form Submission and Stylize with CSS.




See here for some instructional videos:

Sign Up form

Word Press Plugin Setup

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