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Welcome to ReachMail's instructional videos page! Here you'll find our entire library of instructional videos, everything from basic tasks to some of the more complex ReachMail operations. Feel free to browse through and take a look. If you have any questions after watching the videos, please get in touch with a support representative.

Account Management

Create a User -- Walks through creating a new user in ReachMail.

Set Campaign Defaults -- Shows you how to set up campaign defaults.

Create a Footer Address (old) -- Create/Add/Edit a footer address.

Social Media -- Enable Social Media in ReachMail.


Setup Mailing -- Starting your first mailing.

Create Mailing -- Editor Basics.

Schedule Campaign -- Scheduling a mailing.

Message testing -- A/B split testing.


Create a Blank List -- Create a list from scratch.

Upload a List -- Uploading a .csv, .txt, .xls, .xlsx file.

Add Recipients to a List -- Manually add recipients to a list.

Add Records via Import -- Append or update a by importing a with a new file.

List Segments -- Create List Segments for better targeting.Merge lists (old) -- Merge two lists into a new one.

Compare and Remove (old) -- Remove one list's data from another.


Signup Form -- Creating a signup form with our form wizard.

Word Press Form Integration -- Integrating RM form on a Wordpress host site.

Create Survey -- Creating an interactive survey.

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