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Autoresponders allow you to send a timed, series of emails to new subscribers. You can set the exact time and frequency you want. Once you set up the autoresponder you’re done. You can use this feature to educate prospects about your product, build excitement and turn them into customers.

  1. First get your auto responses set up by creating separate mailings for each day. A nice shortcut would be to create your Day 1 mailing, and then create duplicates of that mailing by using the duplicate icon on the right hand side of the page in the action column. Once you've created the amount that you’re looking for, edit each one using the edit icon for each campaign.

  2. When your creatives are all finished, it's time to get your auto responses set up. From the Tools page, select Autoresponders, and use the New Autoresponder button to get started.

  3. The first step to get started will be entering in your Details. Insert the name you would like for your autoresponder to have. By default the autoresponder will be enabled, uncheck this if you do not want this enabled.

  4. After you've filled out your Details you will want to supply the List Information. This can be accomplished by selecting the list you want this autoresponder to be linked to.

  5. After you've supplied your List Information you can decide whether or not you want to add a Suppression list(s) to the autoresponder you're creating. Select if you want to suppress on the email or domain and then select the list(s) you would like to suppress on. If you do not want to use a suppression list make sure none is selected.

  6. Now that your list has been selected you'll want to choose your Message you want to connect with this autoresponder. Click on the Select Message button and navigate to the message you would like.

  7. With the creative finished you can now decide your Delivery Options. Select Immediate if you want your message to be delivered as soon as someone is added to the list. If you would like this message to go out at a specific time you would want to use the Scheduled option. When you select the Scheduled option you will be able to give the amount of days after and what time you would like the autoreponder to deliver the message.

  8. With this step finished you can click Save.

To see more details on reporting for autoresponders, click here.

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