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Welcome to ReachMail and thanks for choosing us as your Email Service Provider. This QuickStart guide is intended to get your first campaign off the ground with a minimum of fuss. If you have any questions after reviewing it, or as you work with ReachMail, feel free to contact the support desk at

Before You Begin

Before you jump in and start creating campaigns, take a minute to insure that you have everything you need to get your campaign up and running. Before you login to ReachMail you should have the following:

  • Your ReachMail account ID, username and password.
  • A test email list for practice campaigns.
  • Your main contact list in either a CSV or Excel formatted file.
  • Copy for your email including images, link URLs, subject line, from and reply-to email addresses.

If you are comfortable with an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, you can actually build your mailing locally and then just upload the HTML into our system along with the images you need hosted. As well, you can save your built HTML email and the images to a public server and just point our system to the URL. By doing that you do not need to upload images into our system as your mailing will use the publicly hosted images for your mail.

Please make sure that you have reviewed our statements on list collection, our privacy policy, and, if applicable, our statment on portting a list from another ESP. If you have any concerns that your data might not be in complicane with our standards, please contact for assistance.

Log In to ReachMail

To login to ReachMail point your browser to and enter your account ID, username, and password into the login form. You should have received your login details in your welcome email, if you can't find them or they're not working please contact

Once logged in you'll be sent to the ReachMail DashBoard. If this is your first time logging in you'll be prompted to enter your organizations' postal address for the CAN-SPAM compliance footer. This is required before sending any mail.

Create a Test List

Before you do anything else make a test list so you can preview all your campaigns before you deliver them to your main contact list.

  • Go to the Lists Tab > New > From a blank list.
  • On the next screen enter the name of the list (e.g. Test List) and click Save.
  • The following screen is the column select screen. Here you can pick what columns you want in the test list. Choose Name and Email in the top two select boxes and click next.
  • The next screen is the Add Recipients screen. Enter your name and email address in the appropriate fields and click Add Record.
  • The screen will refresh and show the new record as a list entry. Click the Save (or Save and Add New) button to add more list members. If you're done click the Lists tab.


Create Your Campaign

There are a variety of ways to create an email campaign in ReachMail. For the purposes of this guide we'll cover how to create a campaign from a pre-built template.

  • Start by going to Tools Tab> Browse ReachMail Templates. This will bring you to the gallery of pre-built templates that are available for you.
  • Use the Next and Previous links to browse though the templates and click on the thumbnail images to see a larger version of the template.
  • When you've found a template that you like click the "Use Now" button to load it into an email.
  • After clicking "Use Now", you'll be directed to the mail setup screen. In this screen you'll need to enter a name for your campaign, the subject, the from name, and from and reply-to email addresses.
  • Once you've filled out all that info click the "Continue" button to move on to the mail editor. Users with legacy Internet Explorer will choose "Use Classic Editor".
  • Next you'll see the template you selected loaded into the mail editor.
  • Replace text in the editor by highlighting the dummy copy and simply typing or pasting in your own text. If you are pasting text from MicroSoft Word make sure that you use the paste from Word function; you'll find it in the top row of the editor Tool Menu.
  • Add images. If you need to add images to the mail, first place your cursor where you want the image to appear. Next click the image manager icon in the top row of the Tool Menu. The image library pop-up will open. From here you can upload new images or choose an existing image to insert into the mail.
  • Add links by highlighting the text you want to link and clicking the hyperlink manager icon in the bottom row of the Tool Menu. The link pop-up will open. Fill in the URL field and click the Insert button to add the link.
  • Once you've added all your links, images and edited your text click the Save and Continue button. You will be sent to the link tracking screen.
  • On the link tracking screen there shouldn't be much to do. All links are tracked by default but if you would like to NOT track a link just un-check the check box to the left of the link to deselect it. Click Next to move on.
  • You should now be on the Text-Only version page. The text-only version is optional, you don't need to enter anything here if you don't want. However text-only versions are a good idea, they help subscribers who don't have an HTML email program or who view most of their mail on older mobile devices view your mail. All you need to do in this section is duplicate the text of your mail. You can also add links for tracking. When you add links in the text-only version make sure that they include the full URL (e.g. and that you check the Link Tracking option at the upper left corner of the editor. Click Continue when you've completed this page.
  • Next you'll see the link tracking page for the text-only version. The same rules as the HTML version of link tracking applies. Click Next when done.
  • The next screen you'll see is the delivery scheduling screen. This is where you'll schedule the mail for delivery. Select the test list you created earlier by checking the box to it's left. There will be no need to adjust the date and times as you'll want to get the test mail immediately. Mark the mail as a test by clicking the Test Mailing check box (standard or enhanced test will work here). Click Continue.
  • We're almost done. The last page you'll see is the delivery confirmation screen. This screen will give you a quick rundown of all the delivery details and a preview of the mail. Click Confirm to complete the process.

Upload Your Subscribers

While you wait for the test mail to come through we can move on to uploading your subscriber list. As stated earlier this list should be saved either as a CSV or Excel formatted file.

  • Go to the Lists Tab > New List > Upload a file
  • Enter a name to save the list as and use the Upload File button* to find the file on your computer. Click Continue. (*depending on your browser this button may show as upload, browse, etc)
  • The next screen is a column select screen similar to the one you saw when you created the test list. Here, you will see a preview of the first few records of a column and immediately to the right of the preview, a selection box with the possible values you can apply to the column. You will see this pattern of previews and selection boxes repeated for each column. Label all the columns in your list and click Continue.
  • When the upload completes you will be returned to the contacts a list screen.


Schedule Your Campaign

After you've reviewed your test message and your subscriber list has been uploaded, you're ready to send.

  • Go to Mailings and from the Action column on the right select the Schedule and Send icon (looks like a clock icon).
  • You'll arrive on the delivery schedule screen. Select your subscriber list and test list. Click Schedule/Schedule for Later Delivery. Adjust the timing if applicable. 
  • Review your mail one last time on the delivery confirmation screen and click Schedule Delivery. Your mail will be added to the queue and delivered at the time you specified.
  • Congratulations!


Review Your Reports

It's best to wait at least 48 hours or more before you review your reports, that will provide ample time for all bounces to be returned and processed and for your subscribers to review the mail and take action on it.

  • Go to Reports > Individual Campaigns.
  • On the next screen choose your mail in the selection box and click Run Report.
  • The report will generate and you'll be directed to the main report summary.
  • To view a additional delivery information, click on the three dots to the far right. Under this menu you can export a list of openers, bounces, and/or opt outs. 
  • To email a copy of the report to one of your colleagues click the Email Report button at the top right of the report page.

Learning More

Now that you've got your first campaign out the door, please take some time to review our expanded user guides to learn more about using ReachMail. If you have questions that aren't covered in these documents feel free to get in touch with the Support Desk at or 312-229-0070 x1.

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